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“Enter Jody Barned, nicknamed the “Barbecue Queen” and owner of my latest food crush, JoJo’s BBQ. Operating from the “Chariot of Smoke,” (a 30-foot converted motorhome), Barned is bringing her southern-style, low ’n’ slow-smoked barbecued fare to Calgary…”

Tara MacKinnon – FFWD Magazine
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“In addition to the three meats, Barned does a heart-stopping grilled mac ‘n’ cheese, corn fritters, fries, beans, coleslaw and a barbecue poutine, all in the minuscule confines of the van.”

John Gilchrist – Calgary Food Crtique
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“The food truck trend has finally made its way to Calgary. The latest addition is JoJo’s BBQ truck, located in Barbecues Galore’s Edmonton Trail parking lot….”

Anh Chu – Metro News
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“Thank you SO much for the care package!! The ribs were delightful! Smokey cold Madina!!! Looking forward to chowing down at JoJo’s BBQ this summer! xo I ♥ JoJo’s BBQ” “How can we get some of them ribs to Eddy? I LIVE for THOSE!!! ~ So Smokey! and made with love ♥ ~”

Jennifer “Jen O’ Fear” Omoth

“duude. you gotta sell those pickled onions. SELL THEM. Beans soo good. And i have no idea what your smoke blend is, but my god woman, I’m going to wear it as perfume! We’re still chowin’ down here, but I will get back at ya with a full review–but keep this in mind: i have a kid here pigging out on coleslaw and she hasn’t eaten a vegetable in about three months…bbq beans and pickled onions for breakfast! lalalala so happy!!!!”

Joanna Forde

“Incredible Incredible Incredible!! Your “dinner for 2″ fed 3 of us very well and we enjoyed it beyond words! The flavours are all wonderful and everything just blends together perfectly! Can’t describe the ribs, the beans were awesome and that coleslaw dressing is unreal!! Todd, Bill and I all salute you!!”

Marj Lewis Cooper

“#yyc you NEED to try real competition bbq by@JoJosBBQ ! Omg! Ribs and slaw off the hook!”

@Lexusmech on Twitter

“I asked Dawson what he wanted for dinner tonite…He said RIBS! When I told him I had taken them for my lunch today, he started to cry!

Lindsey Omoth-ClarkM

“Oh, my gawd!! the ribs were awesome Jody!! I liked the beans so much I had some with toast for breakfast. The coleslaw dressing was the best by far. I ate so much I ended up not having the dessert I was planning”

Tina Lastuka

“Jojo’s BBQ was some of the brisket I have ever had in my life! I could taste the smoke almost immediately. I have also had the pleasure of eating the pulled pork sandwich and it rocked my world. Jojo’s BBQ is officially my choice for great BBQ in Calgary.”

Kevin Lydon

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